Lighthouse Care life hacks; there’s more than meets the eye

Lighthouse Care may look like your ordinary, everyday supermarket but trust us when we say there’s more than meets the eye. With their shelves stocked full of discounted items and trolleys full of groceries for only $25 they have more deals hiding in plain sight and we are here to set the record straight. Here are 8 of our best life hacks when it comes to shopping at Lighthouse Care:

  1. Grab the freebies

Probably the best deal yet, and it is definitely hiding in plain sight. As you exit Lighthouse Care they have pallets of free food on select days. If you have purchased something in store you are able to help yourself to some of their free produce. 

  1. Fresh produce day

We have done some digging and found out the optimal day to shop for all your fresh produce needs. Shopping at Lighthouse on a Saturday means you get first pick on all the fresh produce available. There’s a catch though; Lighthouse Care is only open 9am – 12pm every Saturday. The early bird gets the worm right?

  1. Utilize click & collect

Have you ever walked into a supermarket store and felt so overwhelmed at all the stocked shelves and completely forgot what you came for? Or have you ever shopped hungry and had instant regret at the check out? We have a life hack for you; Utilize Lighthouse Care’s free Click & Collect service. Simply place your order online and have your groceries loaded into your car for you. Click here to start your click & collect order.

  1. Shop from home: Introverts, we’ve got you covered. 

Why not take it up a level and don’t even leave the house. You can shop online and get all your groceries delivered to you. Just make sure you check if we deliver to your area

  1. Grab a trolley full of groceries for only $25 

The star of the show, if you have shopped at Lighthouse Care before you have probably already heard of this gem. Lighthouse Care’s famous $25 trolley. Each day the team put together a new trolley full of groceries for only $25. It’s a perfect way to keep your pantry stocked up with all the essentials like; fresh fruit and vegetables, fridge and frozen foods like milk, eggs, butter, yoghurt, etc plus a box of dry food like bread, pasta, snacks, rice, sauce, drinks and more! This may vary depending on stock availability. Have we got your taste buds tingling? Click here to order a $25 trolley and read all about it.

  1. Buy more, pay less

Lighthouse Care offers some great deals to save big on your groceries. One of these is their multi-buy option where you buy 2 or more selected items for a much cheaper outcome. Shop smart and stock up on some of your favorite products.

  1. Stay in the know

Each week Lighthouse Care drops their new specials. The best way to hear about these and get in quick, while stocks last is through their emailing list. Emails are sent out 2 times a week with new specials that you don’t want to miss out on. To be in the know; simply become a member and subscribe to their emails. You can do this by heading in store and asking one of the team to sign you up. 

  1. Social media 

Another great Lighthouse Care hack is to hit that follow button on social media. This is a great way to get sneak peaks at their $25 trolleys, weekly specials and more. Find them on Facebook & Instagram @lighthousecare 

Do you have any extra Lighthouse Care life hacks to add? Let us know in the comments below. 

Lighthouse Care is available to everyone, we invite you to visit one of their locations; at Loganholme & Hillcrest or shop online at www.lighthousecare.org.au

They are open Monday – Friday: 9am – 5pm and every Saturday: 9am – 12pm

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