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Enabling families to access essential food and groceries.

Our initiatives

Our ‘free trolley initiative’ is the best way we can provide instant assistance to families who have fallen on hard times, by providing them with a trolley filled with essential food items for free. This service not only provides desperately needed food for a family in need, but is also a gift of hope that helps them get back on their feet.

When families find themselves in an emergency situation: natural disasters, domestic violence, social justice, refugee support and any other situation that puts them in desperate need for help, we do all we can to ensure those families are supported and cared for. We are able to do this by partnering with local police, government and community organisations to provide food to the most hard-to-reach places.

For many vulnerable families Christmas can be a terribly sad and stressful time. Santa’s Little Helpers is a campaign we help run every year with the mission of providing Christmas presents for hundreds of children who may not receive any gifts. Many of these children are victims of mental health, neglect, poverty, abuse, custody battles, deceased parents or families in financial upheaval. With your support, we are able to continue this campaign and help make a child’s Christmas dreams come true.

Making lives better, so together we can make the world better

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"It can happen to anyone"

Percentage of Australian's facing food insecurity
Percentage of those experiencing it for the very first time
Percentage of households who didn't receive help this year

Together we can be part of the solution.

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Stats provided by Food Bank Hunger Report 2023

In the past year, 3.7 million Australian households experienced moderate to severe food insecurity.

Your contribution helps us

The number of families we support has grown to over 70,000 and continues to grow each year. With your help we will be able to continue providing these desperately needed services well into the future.

What is a local hero?

A Lighthouse Local Hero is someone who shares our passion for helping families in need and wants to extend their resources to help make a difference in our community.

Lighthouse Local Heroes is an avenue for anyone who wants to support Lighthouse. We are inviting individuals, local businesses, community leaders, and friends who share our passion for helping those in need.

Lighthouse Care’s mission statement is “making lives better so that together we can make the world better”, and we believe that with the support of the heroes within our community, we can truly make a difference together.

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