About us

Mission Statement

Making lives better so that together we can make the world better

Lighthouse Care Mission Statement

People at the forefront

Lighthouse Care is a non-profit charity that provides free and discount food to families struggling to make ends meet through our low cost grocery stores and home delivery. But more than that we are are group of people who passionately want to help bring hope to people. Below are our 5 cultural pillars that we live and breathe at Lighthouse Care.

People - Empowering - Generosity - Integrity - Hope - Collaboration


Serving, developing and caring for all people is our number one priority. Every person is important, welcome, and valued. Every need matters.


We are committed to empowering, and equipping others to fulfil their destiny. Identifying talents, listening to ideas, offering feedback, and valuing input creates a flourishing growth environment. 


A spirit of excellence & generosity flows through everything we do. We perform our very best in all we do. Just good enough is just not good enough. We provide our services and perform all our tasks with a sense of pride, treating all people with compassion & dignity.


We live what we believe, adhering to our mission and values, every day, in what is both seen and unseen. We act honestly and openly. We take responsibility and embrace accountability.


Our message is one of hope – a new beginning & a bright future. This is displayed in both our language and our actions. We advocate for social justice, and help facilitate positive transformation for individuals, families, and our community.


Together we are better. We are committed to working cooperatively with others, both internally and externally. We foster innovation and support creative ideas for the common good