For the past 7 years, Lighthouse Care has been working alongside Carla Haddan – Place Estate Agents, to help make Christmas unforgettable for the most vulnerable children and families in our community. We collaborate with hundreds of generous individuals, families, and businesses, known as Santa’s Little Helpers, to shop for and donate gifts valued at $200.

Santa’s Little Helpers have provided $497,400 worth of Christmas presents for the most vulnerable children and families in our community since 2017.

The children receiving these gifts have a chance to write their own Christmas wish list that is then handed over to our Santa’s Little Helpers. This means the children get exactly what they wished for on Christmas!

Christmas truly is a magical time of year. However, with today’s rental crisis and the rising cost of living and interest rates, many struggling families will face even greater challenges this Christmas season as they try to afford gifts for their kids.

Would you consider becoming one of our Santa’s Little Helpers and helping make a child’s Christmas wish come true? This year, we plan on making Christmas special for 300 children. If you would like to be involved in fulfilling these wish lists, we would love to work with you!


Watch how we gave away over $130,000 worth of Christmas presents to the most vulnerable and struggling families in the community.

Get involved

Step 1:
Register to become one of our Santa’s Little Helpers. We will then send you an email that contains the child’s/children’s wishlists  

Step 2:
Shop for gifts valued at $200 per child. This ensures all children receive an equal bag of goodies

Step 3:

Wrap and return gifts to Lighthouse Care between 4th – 9th December 2023.

Join the Santa’s Little Helpers team

"The dream has always been to make the most struggling families feel valuable."

– Debbie Hill

Co-Founder of Lighthouse Care

Fill a bag for a family in need

We are gathering essential items like toys and groceries to support families grappling with challenges. In collaboration with numerous organisations across the community, we aim to bring relief and joy to those affected by the bush fires, food insecurity, domestic violence, homelessness, and those in refugee situations. 

Your contribution can truly make a difference. By filling and donating a ‘Hamper of Hope’, you have the power to sprinkle some Christmas magic into the lives of struggling families and their children. Without your kindness & generosity, many will face a bleak Christmas. Let’s come together to ensure that every family experiences the warmth and joy of Christmas.

Donate to Lighthouse

Alternatively you can make a financial donation to Lighthouse to help a family in need.

We’ll send you a tax receipt for your donation.

Get involved!

Submit an application to become a Santa’s Little Helper today!

NOTE: We have filled up all available Santas Little Helpers spots for 2023. You can help this year through our Hampers Of Hope initiative. You can still submit a form to be involved with our SLH program in next year.

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