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The story of the $25 trolley

We have been providing our famous trolley of food to the community for over 20 years.


It all started in the garage of a house on Logan Street in Eagleby, with a small group of people who genuinely wanted to make a difference for a few families they knew who were struggling to pay their bills.


Each day the team put together a new trolley full of groceries for only $25. It’s a perfect way to keep your pantry stocked up with all the essentials like; fresh fruit and vegetables, fridge and frozen foods like milk, eggs, butter, yogurt, etc plus a box of dry food like bread, pasta, snacks, rice, sauce, drinks and more! This may vary depending on stock availability and the current climate.


We have our ‘Free Trolley Initiative’ that is available to families who are desperate for food or find themselves in emergency situations. Your continued support helps fund these free trolleys, which oftentimes is the difference between having food for dinner or going without. 

Image is an example only, items may vary.

Scroll down to read some answers to some frequently asked questions about our $25 trolley.


What's in the $25 Trolley?

Our trolley is a budget-friendly resource for families seeking to manage their grocery expenses. While we strive to provide a diverse range of produce, fridge and frozen foods, and staple dry items, please note that this isn’t always achievable, especially in the current climate.

Shop in store: You can get our $25 trolley in store by visiting our Loganholme or Hillcrest locations open 6 days per week. Simply ask our staff at checkout for a $25 trolley.

Shop online: Get our $25 trolley delivered to your house by ordering from our online store. Shop over 600 products and choose from home delivery or click and collect.

Our home delivery trolley has a reduced assortment of items compared to our in-store selection. We are actively working on expanding and refining our home delivery setup to offer a more comprehensive and consistent selection. We are committed to delivering the best quality at an affordable price. We sincerely appreciate your patience as we continue to improve your shopping experience, both in-store and through home delivery, to ensure a consistently exceptional outcome.

Everyone is welcome to get our $25 trolley. The more people who shop with us means the more funding for us to continue helping families in need. 

In our mission to provide budget-friendly solutions while combating food waste, we may provide products that are past their best before dates. Best before dates are about quality, not safety, as long as the packaging is intact and there’s no spoilage, the food is still safe to eat. By consuming and selling these products, we are able to reduce waste and continue to support families in need.

Try one today and see if it’s right for you.